Aosta – Martigny

International service, through the Gran San Bernardo tunnel, organized in collaboration with the Swiss company T.M.R.. – Transport de Martigny et Région S.A. – from Martigny.


  • at the authorized ticket offices Arriva Aosta:
    • Courmayeur – Agenzia Mont Blanc T.O. – P.le Monte Bianco – Ph. +39 0165.367039
    • Aosta – Autostazione Via Carrel – Ph. +39 0165.262027
  • directly online, choosing the option to pay directly by credit card (by printing the ticket), or by booking the trip through the SISAL network;
  • by downloading the free Arriva Italia APP on Google Play or App Store.


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Below is an extract of the General Travel Conditions appropriately detailed for Messrs. Travelers who intend to use the ARRIVA connections per booking from / to the Aosta Valley.

Please note that the validity of the offer of transport services by the carrier is to be considered subject to the limit of the availability of seats permitted by the registration certificate of the vehicle used and the tickets that can be sold through the online portal.


  • The boarding and alighting from the vehicles must take place exclusively at the authorized stops located along the lines and the Passenger is required to signal in time their intention to get on or off the vehicle.


  • Times and rates can be changed with the approval of the Supervisory Authority, with a simple notice at the ticket offices of the respective lines concerned.
  • The Company declines all responsibility for missed connections, due to delays or other reasons in the races and for involuntary inaccuracies in printing the timetables.
  • It should be noted that the timetables on the website are constantly updated and aligned with the exercise carried out. In any case, Arriva does not guarantee any arrival time nor is it responsible for any inconvenience or damage resulting to the traveler from non-arrival and / or non-transport that are due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.
  • The travel time relating to the different sections is only indicative and, in any case, to be considered subject to climatic and environmental conditions (eg traffic, road blocks or works, strikes, etc.) in the presence of which the transport will actually be carried out.


  • Passengers without the prescribed travel document or with an irregular booking are required to pay the normal ticket at the ordinary fare.
  • The Company reserves the right to take any legal action against travelers in possession of altered or inauthentic travel documents.


  • Travelers are required to obtain a travel ticket by purchasing it online and / or at authorized ticket offices, and it must be shown to the driving staff upon boarding.
  • The on-board staff can only issue full fare single travel tickets (NO REDUCTIONS FROM 0 TO 12 YEARS OR OVER 65) with a surcharge of Euro 2.00 per ticket, subject to availability of seats.
  • Tickets are nominative and non-transferable and must be kept until the end of the journey to present them at each request by the staff for verification.
  • The ticket can only be used for the service indicated on the ticket.
  • The purchase of the ticket implies acceptance of the conditions and terms of transport provided which can be consulted on the website under the heading “General travel conditions” specific to these connections.
  • All travel tickets perform the function of fiscal receipt and therefore must be kept, in order to allow any fiscal checks by the investigating bodies. These checks can be carried out both on board the bus and in the immediate vicinity of the stop locations.
  • ARRIVA is not responsible for any theft, loss and / or theft of the ticket, just as it is not responsible for the use of the ticket by unauthorized persons.



  • It is possible to change the date and / or time of the ticket 24 hours before the scheduled departure.


  • It is possible to change the date and / or time of the ticket one hour before the scheduled departure.
    The ride can be changed at an authorized resale or, in case of online purchase, it is possible to change by directly accessing your customer area on
  • However, it is not possible to reverse the origin / destination of the booked ticket. Please note that there is only one change per ticket.



The Traveler can request the cancellation of the ticket up to 24 hours before the date and time of departure, with a reduction of 25% of the ticket price. Otherwise it will not be possible to cancel and request a refund of the ticket.


The Traveler can request cancellation of the ticket up to 48 hours before the date and time of departure, with a reduction of 25% of the ticket price. Otherwise it will not be possible to cancel and request a refund of the ticket.

To obtain the refund, if due, it is essential:

  1. proceed with the cancellation by email to;
  2. Send the refund request form to – ​​the form can be downloaded from the website

The ticket is not refundable in case of interrupted trips due to force majeure (eg extemporaneous and unforeseeable breakdown of the vehicle), for delays and failures to the vehicle’s air conditioning systems (heating and air conditioning).


  • There is no provision for free movement to law enforcement agents and officials or to persons in possession of documentation that justifies disability.
  • For the type of service, therefore, there are no tariff concessions for law enforcement, the elderly or the disabled. The full rate is provided for each user.


Children from zero to 12 years of age travel with the right to a seat at a reduced rate (with the exception of the service on Malpensa, where there are no discounts) at the rate of one child for a paying adult. Children under the age of 12 CANNOT travel alone. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 can travel alone by paying the full price of the ticket and provided that they are in possession of a proxy from a legal guardian, which can be downloaded on the website in the section “Documents and Forms “. Arriva assumes no responsibility for the minor. The carriage of children on the lap is not allowed, they must be transported with the special seats to be provided by the accompanying persons.


  • Each Traveler, in possession of a travel document, can bring a small pet with them provided that it does not disturb other Travelers and that it is equipped with a muzzle, leash and any device capable of rendering it harmless as required by the regulations in force on the subject. .
  • The sum to be paid, directly to the traveling staff, is equal to 50% of the full rate applicable for the Traveler’s route.
  • During transport it is the care of the accompanying person to prevent the animal from getting on the seats, soiling or damaging the car or causing damage to travelers; if this happens, the accompanying person is required to pay compensation for any damage.
  • Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to travel free of charge.


Each traveler can carry free of charge in the car, at his own risk, a hand luggage of modest size, not exceeding the weight of 5 kg (max. Dimensions 42 x 30 x 18 cm). For safety reasons, it is important that hand luggage can be stored in the overhead bins above the seat, so that the exit routes are not obstructed. Additional baggage, to be placed in the special luggage compartments of the bus, is transported free of charge up to 10 kg; over it is subject to the payment of 50% of the single ticket, with a limit of 30 kg per passenger. The acceptance of excess baggage can only be regulated at the start of the race (subject to availability of space in the luggage compartment).

THE TRANSPORT OF BICYCLES IS NOT ALLOWED except those of the latest generation resealable type.

It is possible to transport SKI or MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS as long as they do not exceed the established maximum weight (30 kg) and that the total volume (height in cm + width in cm + depth in cm) does not exceed 240 cm.

The Company assumes no responsibility in the event of loss of baggage. In the baggage delivered to the carrier for transport it is not permitted to include money, jewelery and documents of value in general, perishable, flammable, harmful or contaminating or otherwise dangerous substances. In the event of loss or damage to baggage delivered, the Company is liable within the limits of the provisions of law 22/8/1985 n. 450.

  • Specifically for Malpensa Airport, we authorize the free transport of 1 suitcase whose dimensions (length + width + depth) do not exceed 160 cm and 1 hand baggage max 115 cm (for hand luggage the limitations described in the paragraph above).


  • Travelers present in the car must be in possession of a regular travel document, occupy one seat only and remain seated for the duration of the journey until the vehicle has stopped.
  • It is mandatory to fasten the seat belt if the seat occupied is equipped with it.
  • The Company declines all responsibility in the event of accidents suffered by travelers who have not complied with the aforementioned requirements.
  • It is also required to behave appropriately, not to smoke in the car, not to damage, deteriorate or soil the vehicles or infrastructures: otherwise, the Traveler will have to compensate for the damage caused.

International services

Each traveler is required to have a valid identity document and to comply with the requirements of the Border Police and Customs. The carrier declines all responsibility in the event of passengers left at the border for non-compliance with the above rules, and if the authority requires the transport of offenders to the departure locations, the cost of such transport will be charged to the passenger.


  • All information on how to find what is lost on board the vehicles can be requested via email to:, specifying in detail the departure time of the race, the ascent stop and the descent stop and providing a telephone number in order to be contacted.


Reports regarding inefficiencies, anomalies or service irregularities, as well as any suggestions, can be forwarded:

By email at

In both cases, the customer must specify his / her personal details, clearly state what happened and transmit any documentation accompanying the complaint. The confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed (Legislative Decree 196/03). The response to the customer will take place within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the report.

If the traveler waives the transport he will be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the not used service, with a 25% deduction of the ticket price itself.

The refund request must be anticipated and communicated within 24 hours from the scheduled departure time by sending by fax to n. +39 0165 36 70 70.

Refund requests received after this deadline will not be accepted.

After this cancellation (online or by fax) the redemption request must be sent by post to: Arriva Italia – Strada Pont Suaz, 6 – 11100 Aosta.

In addition to the request by registered mail, please enclose:
– A copy of the travel document of which the refund is requested;
– A copy of the identity document;
– IBAN (including the BIC – SWIFT code if the account is abroad).

We will not refund in the absence of information previously requested.

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