General Transport Conditions – TPL


– Local public transport services are FREE until a later date
– It is recommended to view the timetables online on the website before going to the stop
– Do not use the service in case of flu symptoms and / or body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C
– Passengers are advised not to approach the driver’s seat
– Maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from other users, both while waiting at the stop and during ascent / descent operations
– Use the back door to get on and off the bus. Let whoever is on board get off before boarding
– Due to the health emergency, the bus has a limited number of seats
– It is mandatory to use a mask to board the bus; the use of disposable gloves is recommended
– It is mandatory to follow the signs posted outside the bus to get on board
– It is mandatory to use the seats marked as available on board the bus

Transport obligation

The Company carries out, on the lines it operates, at the conditions and prices in force, the transport of persons and baggage for which it is requested, when it can do so with the means prescribed by the authorizations in force and when extraordinary circumstances or force majeure do not prevent .

Passenger transport

The traveler is required to obtain a regular travel ticket at the authorized ticket offices or from the service staff as soon as they get into the car. The precedence in case of excess requests belongs to those who make the most journey. Children under the age of six, accompanied by an adult, are transported free of charge, unless otherwise indicated at the bottom of the individual timetables. Each traveler cannot accompany more than one child under the aforementioned conditions.


The single journey ticket is valid for the journey and for the day for which it was issued, it cannot be transferred, and must be presented at each request by the control staff. Failure to make the trip due to the traveler does not give the right to a refund of the ticket or to an extension of validity. The traveler found without a ticket, with an expired or altered ticket, however invalid, is subject to payment for the entire route, plus the penalty required by law.


Under the current provisions, the issue of season tickets is allowed only to those belonging to the following categories: workers, students and employees.

Luggage transport

Each traveler can carry for free, at his own risk, a hand luggage of modest size and a suitcase not exceeding the weight of 5 kilos. Additional baggage, to be placed in the special luggage compartments of the bus, is transported free of charge up to 10 kilos, in addition it is subject to payment of 50% of the ticket with a limit of 30 kilos per passenger. The company assumes no responsibility for unchecked baggage. In the baggage delivered to the carrier for transport it is not allowed to include money, jewelry, and documents of value in general, perishable, flammable, harmful or otherwise dangerous substances. In the event of loss or damage to baggage delivered to the carrier, the latter is liable within the limits of the provisions of law no. 450.

Bicycle transport

The transport of bicycles on scheduled buses is allowed, upon payment of the baggage fee (50% of the single journey ticket) if this is possible, i.e. only on buses equipped with luggage boxes and after any passengers’ baggage has been loaded.

Taking into account that bicycles involve a considerable amount of space, the agency staff is required to correctly inform customers and check with the driving staff that there is sufficient space in the luggage compartments for loading bicycles.

In the case of customers who show up at the intermediate stops, the driving staff will be responsible for assessing whether there is sufficient space for loading bicycles.

Animal transport

On our buses it is possible to travel with your pet.

In particular, small dogs1, cats and other small pets kept in the special container, no larger than 70x30x50 cm, are admitted free of charge on the regional services of the Aosta Valley, and for a fee on other services. Only one container is allowed, to be kept in the lap for the duration of the trip, for each traveler.

1 withers of no more than 30 cm

Alternatively, for a single traveler, the transport of a dog of any size, with muzzle and leash, is allowed at the price set for the service used, reduced by 50%.

Under no circumstances may the animals allowed on board occupy seats intended for travelers and if they disturb other travelers, the companion of the animal, together with the animal itself, on the recommendation of the on-board staff, is required to occupy another seat that may be available or get off the bus.

The guide dog for the blind can travel on all buses for free without any obligation, unless the reservation services where it is expected.

IMPORTANT: for all dogs it is necessary to be in possession of the certificate of registration in the canine registry (or the dog “passport” for travelers from or to foreign destinations), to be shown when purchasing the ticket for the animal, where foreseen, or at the time of boarding and during the journey at the request of the Inspection Service. If found without a certificate on board the bus, the animal must get off at the first stop.

Times and Rates

Times and prices can be changed, with the approval of the Supervisory Authority, with a simple notice at the ticket offices of the respective lines concerned. The Company declines all responsibility for missed connections, delays or other and for involuntary inaccuracies in printing this timetable.

International services

Each traveler is required to have a valid identity document and to comply with the requirements of the Border Police and Customs. The carrier declines all responsibility in the event of passengers left at the border, for non-compliance with the above rules, and if the authority requires the transport of offenders to the departure locations, the cost of such transport will be charged to the passenger.


The Company’s buses are covered by insurance for damage to passengers transported.


The surveillance of automotive services is exercised by the General Directorate for Road Transport of people and things, U.M.C. of Aosta, by the Regional Transport Office of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley. Any complaints about the progress of the service or in relation to any irregularities must be addressed, with signature and address, to the aforementioned offices and to the Company Management, P.O.Box 197 – 11100 Aosta.


Blue Line – Circolare Courmayeur

Timetable valid until 24/12/2020

Green Line – Val Ferret

Timetable valid until 24/12/2020

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